Friday, July 30, 2010

Ice cream news round-up, week of July 31: Lindsay Lohan, ice cream in Vegas and Canada, ice cream man molester

Here are some headlines from the world of ice cream:

Lindsay Lohan has been demanding Ben and Jerry's ice cream in jail.

If you're smart enough to get a business degree from Harvard, you're smart enough to get yourself a job as an ice cream sommelier.

A look behind-the-scenes at the Ben and Jerry's factory in Vermont.

Every parent's worst nightmare: an ice cream man inappropriately touches a 5-year-old girl in Denver.

The L.A. Times has a round-up of unusual ice cream options in Las Vegas, including a foot-tall, $1,000 sundae served in Baccarat crystal and topped, as it should be in Vegas, with edible gold.

Unilever, which owns Ben and Jerry's and is one of the world's major ice cream manufacturers, has a machine that, using facial recognition technology, gives you free ice cream if you smile.  Their truck is touring Europe, according to this Facebook page.

Andrew Breitbart, please find the racial controversy in this news: according to a mock election held in DC, 40% of Democrats prefer chocolate, 80% of Republicans prefer strawberry.  Come on, you know it's there. Chocolate?  Come on.

A DC chef has created a CSA-style membership club for his homemade, gourmet ice cream.

The Calgary Herald has a guide to some local places in case you're in Canada.


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