Monday, February 21, 2011

Where does "brain freeze" come from? Or, why we get ice cream headaches.

A site called io9 explains that brain freeze is an evolutionary tactic.
Blood rushing through the extremities cools down, and when it comes back to the body, it cools the rest of the system. The body has negotiate a way to keep blood flowing to the fingers, toes, and nose, while protecting itself.
Ice cream headaches don't usually happen in cold weather, but they are bound up with the body's response to it. When people eat ice cream, it chills the area around the head, and the blood vessels constrict. This constriction is painful - it's the same thing that causes intense and debilitating migraines.
But fear not:
It doesn't do damage and lasts only a few minutes. Still, people don't like discomfort with their desserts, and they've found a few ways to avoid it. One is to, yes, eat more slowly.
I always know it's &%$#@!ing cold out when I laugh and get brain freeze from the cold touching my teeth.  It's about that temperature right now in New York.  And speaking of laughing, you know what is really not funny?  The whole Gaddafi family and how they are massacring their own citizens.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Warning: the Kellog's Ice Cream Sandwich Pop Tart is not an ice cream sandwich

Image from The Impulsive Buy

That takes some chutzpah, doesn't it?  Calling yourself a "rainbow cookie ice cream sandwich" and harkening back to Ye Olde "Ice Cream Shoppe" when in fact you are nothing but a hot, toasty Pop Tart?  At first I got terribly excited.  Finally! Someone has taken Pop Tarts and married them with ice cream.  This long-overdue marriage has been consummated. 

But before I could load to try and order them, I discovered the truth.  They are just an ice cream sandwich-flavored Pop Tart. What a letdown.  Also - what a dumb concept.  An ice cream sandwich is a form, or a method, of delivering ice cream.  It is not actually a flavor.   In fact, they come in many flavors, as the guys over at Melt Bakery could attest.  According to the review on The Impulsive Buy, they taste more like cake.  Sad.  An excerpt from the review:

Obviously Kellogg’s can’t put actual ice cream inside their Pop-Tarts, yet have set themselves the task of making the brand taste as much like ice cream as possible, so I was curious about how they’d accomplish this.  The answer, it turns out, is “just cram a whole mess of frosting up in there.”  It really tastes more like marshmallow or cake frosting than ice cream, which is not such a bad thing.  The rainbow sprinkles further put me in the mindset of cake, to the point where “Ye Olde Birth-day Cake” would probably be a more accurate brand name than “Ice Cream Shoppe.” 

"Obviously"?  Why is it so obvious that Kellogg's can't put actual ice cream inside their Pop Tarts?  Why don't they put some actual ice cream in their Pop Tarts and then sell them in the freezer aisle?  Kellogg's execs, if you're reading this, you can thank me later, with cases and cases of free Pop Tarts ice cream sandwiches.
Image from The Impulsive Buy

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tomorrow is International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

I just found out about this holiday: International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.  I think the title explains a lot.  Please observe it - if you check the blog, you can find different places that are celebrating.  Here's a little about the history of the holiday, which began in 1997.  Molly Moon's, a homemade ice cream shop in Seattle, is offering fresh waffles or hot oatmeal with scoops of ice cream.



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