Professional Forays - reviews by yours truly, in the US and A

It's hard work, but someone has to do it.  I put my figure on the line, dear readers, for YOU.  Forthwith: reviews of the good, the bad, the creamy.  Click on the name of the establishment to be instantly, miraculously transported to a review.  But not to the actual establishment.  Computers can't do that yet.

#1: The Odeon's ice cream cart, Tribeca, New York

#2: Candy Kitchen, Bridgehampton, Long Island, New York

#3: Sip n' Soda, Southampton, Long Island, New York

#4: Blue Marble, Downtown Brooklyn, New York

#5: Grom, West Village, New York

#6: Lilly Lolly, the Highline/Soho, New York

#7: People's Pops and Mercer's Dairy, the Highline, New York

#8: Mia Dona gelato cart, Midtown East, New York

#9: Alphabet Scoops, East Village, New York

#10: Melt Bakery, Chinatown, New York

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