Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dispatches from the Frontline #1, A Yakult Classic: ultimate summertime slushies

A Yakult Classic: ultimate summertime slushies, by Mona:

Yakult! Have you heard of it? Well the first thing you should know is that it is pure delight when consumed frozen and on its way to thawing into a puddle of slushy goodness. Now, I recognize that slushies aren't ice cream per say...however, when you're resident in an small Chinese city where ice cream isn't part of the local food culture (as I am this summer) you have to get your sweet, frozen, yummy fixes where you can.

A Japanese product, Yakult is a very popular yogurt drink with high-concentrations of probiotic bacteria (really good for your tummy) and sugar (really good for your soul) that comes in tiny and distinctly-shaped bottles. The plastic bottle is conveniently easy to cut through after you've frozen your Yakult and are ready to dig in for a taste of tart, icy, milky delight.

Children from Taiwan to Brazil have grown up on the summertime treat of frozen-but-slightly-melty Yakult. Even though I've only recently discovered the childish joy of a Yakult slushy (thanks to my wonderful fiance) they are now a regular evening treat and one of my favorite "homemade" desserts of all time. Unsurprisingly, there is even a Facebook group devoted to the love of frozen Yakult, which I refuse to join only because the consequences of joining anything on Facebook increasingly creeps me out!

But wait, there's more! A new Yakult flavor has come out this summer in an ice cream parlor chain in the Philippines. I'll be heading to Manila later this summer and will be sure to try it out and report back. Meanwhile, I suggest you close your laptop right now and run like a spazzy little kid to your nearest Asian grocery store so that you can stock your freezer with Yakult for those nights when you are too lazy to get out of your apartment to buy some ice cream.

This is Mona, reporting for Lick Me Everywhere from Yixing, China.


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