Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What else can you get for the price of an Otto ice cream?

My friend Zoe Feigenbaum, a fantastic chef who runs the show over at The National cafe and restaurant on Rivington Street, just posted the following on Facebook:

"But Otto is SO good. $10 is nothing for such bliss. I would totally skip 1/2 a movie to eat ice cream of that caliber."

I'm trying to think of other things that one might get for $9.50, the price of a cup of Otto gelato.  Here are some that come to mind quickly and easily; feel free to add your own:

-a flight to Marbella from London Stanstead on Easyjet
-four rides on the subway
-four slices of pizza
-unlimited texting on a Sprint PCS phone plan
-a movie ticket in 1998
-just over 21 stamps
-at least a dozen ears of sweet corn at the farmers market

Any other ideas? 


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