Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two of my favorite things, together: David Hasselhoff + ice cream

Photo by ICON/Fame pictures, courtesy of Celebrity Smack Blog (whatever that is)
Some things were destined to be together, and David Hasselhoff + ice cream promotion are certainly two phenomena that fit together so naturally that one wonders why this didn't happen, say, 20 years earlier when he was actually on TV. 

For me, he was more of a draw before he went gray and when he looked like he could truly save me if I was to start drowning.  Now he looks like one of those grandpas who's gearing up for a 5K but will probably not make it past 50 meters. 

Always and forever The Hoff.
That said, he clearly has not lost his touch with the ladies, or at least the Australian ladies.  Or at least the Australian ladies who dressed up in red swimsuits to impersonate Baywatch lifeguards for the sake of promoting a mass-produced  "tangy fruit product" (ask Unilever about that one) called "Splice."


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