Saturday, September 18, 2010

NYT spotlights the helados of Buenos Aires

Horacio Paone for the New York Times
Man, I wish I'd gotten to this place before I had to read about it.  I've been hearing about Persicco (watch out for the crazy techno runway-show intro) for years, from my friend Massoud, who told me that by running an ice cream blog and not featuring Persicco, I'd "lost the plot already," in his words.  Luckily the NYT has thoughtfully found the plot, with a great story about dulce de leche ice cream, in its myriad forms, available in all the grand heladerias of Buenos Aires.  In fact, a chain called Chungo's won for best dulce de leche ice cream, not Persicco, but they all sound pretty good to me.  How about this one?

"During Freddo’s heyday in the ’80s and ’90s, the company began offering crema tramontana — which contains dulce de leche jam and specks of malted chocolate ball."

Malted milk ball...someone needs to bring that back - and not Ciao Bella, which is straight up disgusting these days.

Update:  Corinne Masucci, a BA native, reports that they deliver til midnight.  Damn.


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